Common FAQ's

Common questions we’re asked – answered!

FAQ’s: We’re asked many questions by a range of clients – here’s our answers to the most frequently asked ones:


Q: I’m not sure of what marketing I should be doing?

A: First thing to do is establish where your current sales are coming from. What messages are motivating people to contact / purchase from you? Who [or where] are you receiving sales from? Once you understand this, you’re in a better position to start marketing!


Q: I don’t have much of a budget for marketing.

A: First, look at who is providing you the most business. Then look at strategies to speak to other like minded referrers or customers who are similar. These are the low hanging fruit [ie: the easiest ones to get]!


Q: I never read newsletters, why would I bother sending these out to my list of clients [database]?

A: While it’s true YOU may not read newsletters, thousands of your potential, existing and lapsed customers do. In fact, on average, we estimate over 60% of subscribers take a look at each newsletter we send. Try having your sales staff knock on every client door each month for the price of sending a newsletter. How many sales may you be missing by not communicating with these contacts each month?

 Q: Should I be on social media?

A: As this type of marketing is instant, you can easily evaluate if it is of value to your business. Therefore, it’s worthwhile testing for a short time [2-3 months initially] and see how it works for you! Remember, social media is just that – social. We suggest splitting your posts to around 20% sales, 80% informative. To gain and maintain traction to your “likers” it’s important to post something almost every day.


Q: What should I do first?

A: Speak with us!


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