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How easy is Social Media success?

Many clients ask us “should I bother with social media”. Our answer, [you won’t be too shocked to learn] is“YES”. Clients seem to question their social media activities as they often do not see instant sales.

Social media is just that – social.

It’s a way of increasing your reach, communicating with potential clients and sourcing new suppliers. It’s not your open invitation to sell, sell, sell.


Here’s what you can do.


  • Add interesting stories, tips, pictures, comments and industry news that will interest your potential clients.
  • Keep content fresh and varied.
  • You probably should release around 4-5 posts a week [depending on your industry].


  • Be repetitive.
  • Sell all the time!
  • Forget your audience – let them know you are still there!


The good news…

If your content is interesting, varied and consistent, you will increase your social media community.  Social media can be another step that, if completed correctly, can help motivate clients to contact and purchase from you. Like all marketing and advertising, ongoing activity is required to increase sales.

Managing accounts does require time. Time to create posts, add images, comment on other pages and reply to posts placed on your page. You can do it yourself – or outsource this task.

When we manage a number of Social Media accounts. The fastest part if creating and uploading posts. The time consuming part [that most others neglect to do] is actively networking your page with others.


And here’s a final thought for your Social Media…

With so many businesses using Social Media – it has to be doing something beneficial for them. After all, if you’re not communicating effectively through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram [and so on], you’re opening up the door for a competitor to do this for you.


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