Social media

I know I should be using social media – but I don’t have the time / don’t understand it / unsure where to start.

Sound familiar? Don’t worry. We hear this all. the. time.

Our Social Media Management can be structured to suit your individual needs.

We’re all here, in Melbourne, to get your Social Media moving!

Revealed! The hidden strategy to maximise your social media reach.

Our Social Media Management includes the creation and uploading of posts, images and responses to followers’ comments.

In addition, we can network for you. This includes “liking”other pages relevant to your businesses. Following clients, suppliers, industry organisations and influences. We can also place comments on their pages on your behalf.

This organic approach to Social Media helps increase your reach across your extended network. This extra Social Media management keeps your messages top of mind and active in your follower’s news feeds.


OPTION 1: Customised Social Media Management. 

Here’s your low cost way to increase your social media reach.

Now your social media pages will be filled with regular, customer engaging content! We can post as often as your require. Plus we work within your extended social media community!

We’ll create a monthly post schedule, and once approved, upload these for you.

There’s no lock in contracts. All we ask is you give us 2-3 months to get the snowball rolling.


OPTION 2: NEW! Complete your own Social Media.

Our in-house training sessions give you the knowledge and confidence to complete your Social Media posts and activity.

Within our 1 day session we’ll brain-storm key messages to include in your posts, help establish your post schedule, topics and images, run through how to post, schedule posts and to ensure posts remain engaging so your online community continues to grow.

When it comes to boosting posts, we’ll look at the various options available. We’ll also discuss how you can save dollars when boosting your activity.

At the end of our training, you and your team will know how to maximise social media reach, target your ideal clients and drive traffic to your website/store/sales team.

We’ll leave detailed, easy to understand guides and tips. Your staff will be confident to create & upload customer engaging posts to your Social Media platforms.

Don’t let another week of missed opportunities go by.

Speak with our Social Media Experts today!