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Big ideas – small cost

We recently has the pleasure of attending a seminar presented by Tim Reid, CEO, The Ideas Guy. Here’s a summary of his marketing ideas that he believes all business owners should implement.


Marketing idea #1: Take time out

Review your website content: Add content, a blog. Send a clear, easy to understand message. Use simple language.  Remember, every page of your website is like an advertisement.


Marketing idea #2: Find a writer

Voice your brand professionally. Set yourself apart from the rest. Save your time and money by using a professional to write your text [NB: JDigital can help you here]!

Have your writer re-word your website. This will help clarify your image, speak more effectively to customers and motivate them to contact you. It should also increase your Google ranking!


Marketing idea #3: Create a You Tube channel

Google owns You Tube and video can help increase your Google ranking. It’s easy to feature customer testimonials, FAQ’s and product tips via video. Video’s are easy to make via your phone [always use a tripod or steady surface] and there are many free, easy to use editing software that can give your video the professional finish. if this sounds overwhelming, speak to us about using a professional video production team.


Marketing idea #4: Research your customers

What do they like about your offering? What makes them come back? Who are they? This information helps you to target new clients more effectively.


Marketing idea #5: Review the experience you offer your customers.

Spend time investigating Facebook and Twitter: What are people saying about you? Your Competition? Your industry in general? Search yourself. Search your keywords. Knowledge is power.

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