Groovy! The Brady kids dish out great advice.

Remember the song the Brady kids sang on TV to win $100 so they could buy their parents a present?


No? Well, they put on their matching flares and sang a catchy little number called “Keep on moving”.


It went a little like this….“Ya gotta keep on, keep on, keep on, keep on moving……… ”


And it occurred to us that this far out, groovy song, provides some great advice for business owners. You do in fact have to keep on, keep on, keep on moving – consistently.


What we’re saying [or singing] is if you want potential [and existing] clients to purchase from you [or continue purchasing from you] – you must consistently reinforce your consistent messages to them.


A case study in consistency

A previous role involved marketing within the beauty industry to hair and beauty salons.  We already supplied to some beauty training colleges but we wanted to gain more clients.


At the start of each semester we sent a flyer to the people on our (ever growing) database, detailing our discounted student packs.  We also included an invite to have our National Educator present tips and techniques to the beauty students free of charge.


We didn’t do this just once.


We went through this process with each monthly newsletter and the start of each semester.  After the beauty colleges had received regular, consistent communication from, they started to ring.


We started to sell student packs to colleges we hadn’t dealt with before.  Our National Educator began to receive requests for demonstrate to each new batch of students.


The results

As a result of these presentations we would receive phone calls from Beauty Salons asking to be stockists of our products.  When we asked them how they heard of us they would say “I or my trainee saw your National Educator present during her beauty course and was impressed by the professionalism and products.” Bingo! We had just signed a new client.


We were able to gain results from our marketing campaign because we were consistent.  We knew that we wanted to supply to more beauty colleges, so we made sure that we kept in contact with them, regularly, with easy to understand, consistent messages. And you can too, well, perhaps not to the beauty industry – but to your target industry.


Our insider tips for you

Set simple, consistent marketing practices and soon you will be reaping the benefit. If you’re not already doing so, try these:
1. Blog regularly.
2. Send newsletters. Send them regularly. Include consistent messages, links to your blog and website.
3. Always keep growing your network, online and face to face.

Bonus tip:

4. Don’t wait until business is slow to make contact with your contact list.

A client with a burgeoning practice told us he knows he needs to keep marketing – especially when he’s busy – and that’s why he keeps us on retainer. He wants to make sure his message is getting out there now, while he’s busy, before things quieten down and then he has to start from scratch again.


So as those Brady’s sang in their blue flares…. keep on, keep on, keep on moving……..


Oh, and if you want to re-live their Countdown worthy performance, be our guest, HERE.


Thank us later!

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