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Why this movie is bad news for your website.

When meeting with new or existing clients, the first question they often ask is “what marketing activity they should complete first. Without hesitation, I advise “Website”. And often I don’t mean a full scale rebuild sometimes, it’s just a matter of a fast and inexpensive text review.

All marketing communication [yes even social media] points back to your website. If your site is not active, up to date and engaging, then other marketing activity could be for nought.

The marketing landscape is changing fast. What was fine a few years ago on your website might not be working now.

A few years ago, average text lengths on a standard website [say for a trade or service] would be around 2,000 words, now, they need to be around 1,200 words.

SEO gets bigger and bigger each year. It’s important your site is optimised so Google sees it, likes what it sees and ranks your site accordingly. A simple text review can help here.


Want some free advice?

Fine, here is it. Keep your text brief, motivate visitors to contact you. Break up large paragraphs, add sub headings and ensure you are differentiating yourself from the pack.


Here’s the hardest thing to do

Ever seen a movie that goes on, and on, (and on)? Think Titanic. My God, if I have to sit through that drawn out sinking again…. But I digress. Chances are, the editor had a hand in the script and /or directing / and or other parts of the movie.  It’s hard to edit your own work and remove excessive content [hello James Cameron].

The same goes for your website. When you complete the content yourself, you believe that every paragraph, every line and every word is paramount. Guess what! It’s not. Less is more.


You don’t need to include EVERYTHING on your website.

Plant the seed with your short text. Entice the visitor to call you then you can engage in one to one conversation and close the sale!


And avoid this

Don’t try and edit your own work, hire a third party pro who will clean it up and ensure it’s working its best for you, and your website.

If you’re website is over 2 years old – it’s time for an update. We’re happy to chat with you!

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