Email Marketing

Can you physically knock on every one of your clients doors each month and say hello!?

Now you can.

We know one of the most cost effective ways to contact all suppliers, customers and referrers in your network – each and every month!

Our Email Marketing strategies cost a LOT, LOT less than placing an advert in a publication.

By releasing a professionally written and designed monthly newsletter you’ll remain top of mind with all your clients.

We’ll write your articles with zing! They’ll be short and interesting. We’ll source professional images to give every article added impact. Each campaign will include tips, product releases, company news, industry news, success stories and other points of interest.

All articles are designed to keep you top of mind with your database. We’ll continue to educate them on your products / services, so when it comes time to purchase – you’re ahead of the rest!

Your articles can also be uploaded as blogs to your website – which is GREAT for SEO, plus you’ll always have access to them.


Tried it before?

Many customers who use our service tell us they’ve attempted a newsletter in the past. However, they add that it falls over after a few months as everyone’s busy, or they ran out of ideas. We NEVER run out of ideas.


And you’ll receive this!

Around one week after your campaign is released, we’ll collate a detailed activity report. It shows how often your articles were read [and by whom], who opened the campaign and who shared your campaign with their own networks!

It also shows which emails bounced. Valuable information if your contact from a large customer has left and ensures your database is always up to date.

Cost effective and smart advertising

We’ll send your newsletter electronically to your list of contacts – or to specific [segmented] contacts as directed by you!

What you need to do?

We only require 10 minutes of your time each month to discuss content ideas. We’ll then create your campaign, check it’s formatted for action and release!